Make a Wish

by Jeff Stebane

On May 13th Rivers Edge played a special show at the Wisconsin International Raceway.  Us along with the Make a wish foundation and several other business's including:  Vanderloop Leasing, S & S construction, Brillion True Value, D.J.'s Speed Zone, Essen Mart, Richard Klamm-Md, Jane Levine-Rn Msn Np, Nascar-Remax, McLeod USA, Schmalz Auto, Fox River Racing Club, Postal Annex, and Bullseye Screen Printing held a big day of fun for the kids involved with the Make a Wish Foundation.

The day was a blast for everybody.  It was a bit cold and windy but we stayed so busy that we soon forgot about the weather.  Each child received many door prizes ranging from remote control cars, plants, t-shirts, caps, and many other items.  After having a lunch thanks to Jacks Pizza's the kids each had a chance to ride in a real stock car or dragster around the race track.  During the day we provided the music to keep everyone entertained while waiting for their turn in the cars.  I had a blast with the children.  I encouraged them to come on up and help us sing some songs and dance along.  I never saw so many people as happy as those kids.  

I just wanted to take some time to let people know about the Event and look forward to doing it again next year.  Thank you to everyone that attended and to all of the sponsors.  -jeff

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