Why are there Laws?

by Jeff Stebane


One day I was sitting around thinking to myself about stuff that I heard on the news.  It was pretty much a buffet of thoughts.  Anything that I could think of that had to do with laws and why we need them.  Below is some examples of what my thoughts may have been like:

The news was talking about how you need to wear your seat belt in the car and if you ride a motorcycle that you need to wear your helmet.  Now these are fine laws and I am sure that they help in preventing all kinds of deaths in the world, but why do I need someone to tell me I have to wear this apparatus?  I mean if I don't wear it and I die what really would be the problem?  I was stupid and didn't think about the consequences and so I suffer.  

I guess that would mean that the laws are there to protect stupid people, right?  If you had a brain you would already be taking every precaution so that you would remain healthy and safe.  So if the law is there to protect stupid people do we really need to have the law in the first place.  I think that there are plenty of  stupid people that we wouldn't miss a few.  Take a look around I am sure that you know a few people that may fit that category.

OK, ok so we may need some laws.  I mean we shouldn't let just anyone drive around on the streets and you should get a license before purchasing a dog or cat.  But wait a second... So lets say I want to get myself a goat and keep it in my back yard.  You say I can't have one because I live in the city and besides that what would I need a goat for in town.  I guess that makes sense.  I guess we should maybe go a little further and make it so you need to get a baby license.  I would think that you should be able to get a goat before a child but I guess that would not be right. 

Well speaking of baby's my wife just said she wants to get pregnant and I really want to be there when it happens so thank you for taking the time to read some of my thoughts.  Take care and remember to wear your seat belt.  -Jeff

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