Ahhhhh  Vacations

by Jeff Stebane

Remember ever saying to your self "I need a vacation"?  Well that is how I feel right now.  I know you are saying to me out loud "Why is Jeff always complaining".  To answer that I would have to tell you that I don't know why.  I sit and think, boy life is sure great and everything is running smoothly.  So why do I need a vacation?  I really don't so just humor me.

I was sitting back watching tv when my favorite movie came on, National Lampoons Vacation.  Well even though I have it on video I can't resist sitting and watching it with the commercials.  So I was watching and thought that I would really love to see the worlds second largest ball of string.  Life on the road.  My troubles all behind me.

You may forget what really happens when you go on vacation.  I will quickly remind you so that you can forget about all the fun you think you will have this summer and get back to work.  (You are reading this at work I hope.  I would hate for you to be wasting your time without being paid for it.)

So you pack up the car and realize that you have packed the whole house into your suitcases.  This is fine even though you broke something in your back loading everything up.  (the wirlpool will fix that though)  You are now on the road.  Great fun, here we come.  Boy, you don't realize how big a can of mountain dew really is until your looking for an exit.

Well you made it to your hotel for the night.  Great time to relax.  Wait, you need to eat.  So you look through the phone book to find a place to eat.  This takes 2 hours because the guy in the lobby forgot to tell you that he just moved into town when he gave you directions.  That's fine.  Belly's full time to go and relax...  You can't do that yet.  Its a new town you surely need to see some sights and take in some entertainment.  

Boy are you tired.  3 in the morning and you didn't even see the pool yet.  Better hit the sheets.  Have to be up by 10 to see the house that Mel Gibson once wanted to buy.  Knock, knock.  Oh goody room service at 7:30.  Well your up why not go eat the continental breakfast.  (It's free) 

So its off for the sight seeing and the next town.  You start it over and realize that you are getting pretty tired out from this vacation.  You decide to get to bed earlier tonight.  Its only 2:30.  (Still no time for the whirlpool).  As you can see this is the perfect vacation you were dreaming of. 

 I can't wait to go back to work so I can catch up on some sleep.


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