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Please help us pick the picture to use for our poster.  We can really use your help.  On the bottom of this page we will keep you posted as to which picture is winning.

Note:  All of these pictures were taken by David Weinaug.  We would like to thank him.  He did a great job!  If you would like information on how to contact him please email me at pic info@riverzedge.com 

R.E..jpg (33740 bytes) 1 Water

R.E.2.jpg (56145 bytes)2 Rock

R.E.3.jpg (43382 bytes) 3 Sky

R.E.4.jpg (72499 bytes) 4 Fence

R.E.5.jpg (54978 bytes) 5 Dirt

R.E.6.jpg (58263 bytes) 6 River

R.E.7.jpg (63737 bytes) 7 Grass


In order for your vote to count you need to tell us your favorite song either that you want us to play or that we already play.  That is all that we ask.  Vote as many times as you would like.

Voting as of October 24th
pic 1- 2
pic 2- 0
pic 3- 0
pic 4- 0
pic 5- 0
pic 6- 1
pic 7- 0

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