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by Jeff Stebane

June was like all other months very busy.  We finished mastering our promotional cd.  That took a huge load off of our shoulders.  We did our regular touring and had a blast making new friends.

We starting to get to know Randy pretty good. (The new drummer.)  I think everyone feels the same, that he fits in very nicely with Riverz Edge.

Played in Shawano at Lake shore Lanes.  We always like playing there.  It is always interesting at the show.  I guess it is just the fact that it is such a nice dance floor.  It makes it fun when people never leave the dance floor.

Sluggers-This was a new club for us to play in.  We usually play across the street in Wild Rose but they closed the place up.  I guess it is really more of a country bar but we seemed to fit right in.  This will be a great new bar to stop out and have a few at.

Wise Guys in Kewaskum-Another first time club for us.  It was hot the girls were hot the dance floor was full and we were having a blast.  We even got to jump start a Harley with our Truck.  Now how much more fun can you have?

Dale and I took a whole week off to repair some things on the truck.  We also repainted the whole thing.  I think I will be still painting the logo this fall.  I am not very fast at getting things like that done

DALEPNTG.jpg (197125 bytes) PAINTING.jpg (44289 bytes)

We did a birthday party for Dales sister in-law.  Morris town hall.  I felt like I was going to school on the "little house on the prairie" set.  I don't know why I felt that way,  It just has an old feel to the place.  So don't forget that if you have a birthday we would be the perfect band to have.  We like cake too.

Concert in the Park, Green Lake-This would be our first outdoor show this year.  I hope it doesn't give us a clue as to the rest of the outdoor events.  Can you say rain?  How about more rain?  Luckily we were in an amphitheater so we could keep playing.  We invited every one to come up on the stage to stay dry while they listened.  The children didn't seem to mind the rain.  They just ran around and played "slip and slide."

Club 161 in Ogdensburg-Boy can they drink.  Every time we play there we are amazed.  Besides drinking they like to buy merchandise.  I think we sold a t-shirt to everyone in the club.  If you are from Ogdensburg then I just want to let you know that: "You Rock".

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